5 Makeup Tools That Women Must Have

5 Makeup Tools That Women Must Have

5 Makeup Tools That Women Must Have – Girls without make up? It’s like something is missing in his life. most women if not makeup will not be confident to go through the day. very lebay isn’t it wkwkwk So that you don’t get confused about what makeup tools a woman must have if she wants to look beautiful and more attractive, let’s see the explanation below!


1. Face Brush

The first type of brush that you must have if you want to look more beautiful is a face brush. The face brush is used to evenly distribute powder-type makeup products so that the results are blended and evenly distributed. The texture of this brush for powder tends to be soft and the bristles are not too dense, so it is smooth when you apply it to your face.

It can be said that this type of brush also includes a multifunctional brush. You can also use this brush for powder to apply blush or bronzer, as long as the brush size matches your face shape.

2. Beauty Blender

The second makeup tool that you must have is a beauty blender or makeup sponge. Beauty blender is a soft and soft sponge that is suitable for blending liquid makeup products. One of them is foundation.

Currently, there are many sponges or beauty blenders that come in different types, shapes, textures and sizes. Starting from expensive to cheap prices, makeup sponges are easy for you to get anywhere. You can choose the shape or variation according to your needs too.

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3. Blush Brush

As the name suggests, a blush brush is used to apply blush to the face. Although the shape is almost the same as a face brush, this brush has a different function. Blush brush is used to apply blush right on the cheek area so that the blush looks more rosy. That way you will look more beautiful and fresh.

4. Spoolie Brush

Do you like playing with eyelashes? This is the solution. For eye makeup, you must have a spoolie brush. This brush is useful for smoothing your eyelashes and eyebrows. After using an eyebrow pencil, comb your eyebrows using a spoolie brush so the results look more natural. As for the eyelashes, after using mascara, trim them using a spoolie brush so that the mascara you use doesn’t clump and the results seem thicker.

5. Eyeshadow Brush

Eye shadow or eyeshadow is a cosmetic that will make your face look more charming. Therefore, to apply it you need an eyeshadow brush. The eyeshadow brush serves to blend your eye makeup so that it blends perfectly. An eyeshadow brush can also serve to daub the eyebrows. That way you can have one tool that has multiple functions. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

6. Fan Brush

As the name suggests, the fan brush has a fan-like shape. You should also have this type of brush so that you can look more beautiful. This fan-shaped brush serves to apply highlighter or to smooth out eyeshadow that looks lacking in the under-eye area.

7. Eyelash Curler

Want your lashes to look thicker? Before using mascara, curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler so that the results of using mascara are maximized. This eyelash curler is very useful for everyday makeup, so you must have this one!

8. Makeup Bag

The last makeup tool that you must have is a makeup bag. Especially for those of you who like to travel. Makeup bags are also very useful for organizing all your makeup equipment so that they are more organized.