Other Uses Of Concealer

Other Uses Of Concealer – Concealer is a cosmetic used to cover dark circles, dark spots, large pores, acne scars, and any other visible blemishes on the face. Concealer is similar to foundation, but the formula is thicker and is used to cover various blemishes on the face. After knowing what a concealer is, then know how to choose it. Choosing a concealer should be based on your skin type and desired results.


Concealer is not only useful for covering facial flaws, such as acne, acne scars, black spots, eye bags, wrinkles, and others.
Maybe you don’t know, but here are the functions of a concealer that can perfect your make-up look.

Other Functions of Concealer You Need to Know

1. As a lip primer
Concealer can work as a good lip primer. By applying concealer to your lips, the color of the lipstick you use will come out even more. In addition, you can also use concealer to shape your lips when applying lip cream so it doesn’t look messy.

2. For contouring and highlighting
Don’t have any contouring and highlighting products? Try using concealer instead. The tips, make sure you choose a shade that is darker than your facial skin color as a contouring product and a lighter shade for highlights.

3. To perfect the shape of the eyebrows to look on fleek
For those of you who like the appearance of neat and on fleek eyebrows, it’s not just eyebrow products that you should use. You need to use concealer to correct the shape of your eyebrows. The trick, after framing the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or any eyebrow product, trim the outside of the eyebrow hair using a concealer that is the same color as your skin color.

4. As a substitute for foundation
Running out of foundation? You can use concealer instead. You can use liquid concealer or in the form of cream mixed with facial moisturizer. Then apply it using a sponge moistened with a little water so that the results are perfectly evenly distributed and not cakey.

5. Improve and define the shape of the wing eyeliner
For those of you who are still learning makeup, generally you often make mistakes when applying wing eyeliner. Don’t worry, to fix it you can use a concealer with a small brush applicator to apply the eyeliner without having to remove it.

6. To give dimensions to the lips so they look voluminous
Want your lips to look thicker? You can use concealer to enhance the appearance of your lips. How to apply it, after using lipstick, apply concealer in the middle of the lips. then, blend it with your fingers slowly until the result blends perfectly with the color of the lipstick you are using.

7. Perfect the shape of the eyebrows
To get an eyebrow shape that is on fleek, not only your mainstay eyebrow product, you also need a concealer. The trick, after framing the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, or pomade, trim the rest of the eyebrow product and eyebrow hair with concealer. Your eyebrows will look perfect.

8 Curling eyelashes
Do you often feel that your eyelashes fall easily even after wearing mascara? Try this one trick. Curl your lashes first. Then apply a small amount of concealer to the eyelashes. Just apply the eyelashes. Surely the eyelashes will look super curly.

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