Simple Make Up That is easy to learn

Simple Make Up That is easy to learn

Simple Make Up That is easy to learn – For women who have just turned into teens who want to know how to do makeup this is a quick and easy way to learn make up.

Without having to look menor, you can really use basic make-up that is suitable for activities. The key is to choose the right color so that it doesn’t look flashy. For example, choose a liquid foundation / BB cream and powder color that is similar to facial skin, the two concealers must be one level whiter than the color of the liquid foundation / BB cream. Choose a salmon color for blush, as it is the safest color for all skin types. Third, choose a matte lipstick so it doesn’t look shiny, but if your lips are dry, you can choose a glossy lipstick or apply lip balm first.

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Simple makeup tutorial for candle light dinner with a dating partner is not difficult, it just takes courage to use bold make up and bold colors. and also have to look bold using eyeshadow like gold, or lipstick with a burgundy color.

If you want to take pictures during the holidays, you should apply flawless make up or natural make-up, especially if the photos don’t carry a specific theme. Travel photos will look more cheerful if balanced with beautiful panoramas of tourist destinations and you don’t have to bother with makeup.

Choosing makeup according to the situation and conditions is the key to the success of a beautiful face. Every make-up is packaged in such a way and makes you want to wear it right away, but if you don’t use it properly your face will definitely look scary. Putting on the eye first will save foundation use and make it easier to remove the eyeshadow if you get a blush in color.…

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