The Right Way to Take Care of Lip Health

The Right Way to Take Care of Lip Health – Lips are a part of the skin that is quite sensitive, it needs special care to stay healthy. Lips that are not well cared for can make us feel uncomfortable, in appearance it becomes less than optimal. The beauty of the lips is seen from the shape of the color, which is said to have red lips that are the dream of every woman. Lips are so important for women, they even make many people willing to do various ways to make their lips red.

Therefore, many women who do lip care have to be willing to undergo surgery to get beautiful and healthy lips. They even want to spend a lot of money for the operation. Because with beautiful lips, they can also appear confident.

However, most Indonesian women do not understand and do not understand how to properly care for their lips. Caring for the lips should not be careless. If the wrong treatment will cause irritation to the lips. Here are some ways to properly care for your lips, to keep them healthy and attractive:

How to take care of lips

1. Avoid cigarettes, coffee, soda and alcohol

It’s no secret that coffee, soda, cigarettes and alcohol will dry out your lips. Substances such as nicotine, and other compounds will leave marks on the surface of your lips and cause dead skin cells that make the lips look dull and black.

2. Avoid licking lips

Maybe some of you often do this, but from now on you should avoid licking your lips. This habit at a glance does make the lips look wet, but after drying the saliva will actually make the lips feel dry more easily.

3. Don’t use lipstick too often

Red lips make a person look more attractive. That is the reason why many women use lipstick every day to make their lips look red and bright. However, the use of lipstick that is too frequent will actually make the lips dry faster and break easily. Especially if the lipstick contains harmful ingredients that can interfere with the health of the body.

4. Increase consumption of fruit

Vegetables and fruits have an important role to maintain the health of our bodies. Fruits that contain vitamins E and C are the ones most needed by the skin to maintain moisture so it doesn’t dry out and become dull.

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5. Drink Water

Dry and chapped lips are a sign of a lack of fluid intake. Healthy moist lips can be obtained by starting from within the body. One way is to drink water regularly. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep your skin and lips moisturized from the inside.

6. Apply honey

How to redden lips naturally is to apply honey on the lips. The content of glucose and fructose in honey will stimulate the epidermis to make new collagen. In this way, the skin of the lips will look naturally redder. To get the benefits, mix honey with sugar, then rub it on the lips slowly until the dead skin is lifted.

7. Always cleaned

Another mistake that lipstick users (especially matte lipsticks) make is never cleaning their lips. It’s a good idea to always clean the lips, even if only a faint lipstick remains, not just with soap or wipe with a tissue. Ideally, use a makeup remover such as micellar water, cleansing oil, or eyes and lips makeup remover.

8. Avoid peeling/pulling the skin of the lips

This is another bad habit that makes your lips ugly and unhealthy, tugging at peeling lips. Indeed, the flaky lips are annoying and make your hands fun, but you should leave it alone and apply a lip balm and exfoliate as above until the skin finally peels off on its own. The more often you pull and exfoliate, you can actually make sores and prolonged infections on the lips.

9. Lip Tint

To give your lips a natural glow, lip tint can be a great substitute for lip makeup. Can be used to moisturize lips and cheeks with an oil-free look. Use lip tint anytime, even outdoors.

10. Avoid licking lips

Many people think that dry lips can be overcome by licking them. In fact, licking your own lips will actually cause the lip moisture to decrease. As I explained above, licking can remove the natural oils on your lips.…

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