MAKEUP IS AWESOME FOR A PARTICULAR OCCASION Looking beautiful, elegant, and charming at the Christmas party is certainly the dream of many people, especially women. To look stunning at Christmas, women often buy new outfits and combine them with various accessories. In fact, you can also appear on point through the right mix of makeup. For those who are confused about what to dress up for at the Christmas and New Year’s party, don’t worry. Here are recommendations for makeup looks that you can try, as quoted from College Fashion.

Glowy Gold.

The end of the year celebration is your time to go all out! For those who want to look glamorous on Christmas Eve, try choosing gold or gold nuanced makeup. This gold color will give the impression of eyes that are full of statements. Don’t be afraid to experiment by adding glitter particles to make your makeup stand out even more

Berry Blush.

Did you know, there is 1 color that matches the Christmas vibes? Yes, berry color. The berry color is said to attract the attention of beauty enthusiasts, you know. This is because the color combination of red and dark purple will accentuate the impression of an elegant and mysterious style at the same time. Don’t worry about your make up looking heavy on your face. The key is to focus on only 1 part of the face that you want to apply with a berry color, such as the cheeks. Simple yet stunning!

Go With Green.

Besides red, Christmas is also synonymous with green. Why not use this color palette for makeup inspiration? You can apply sparkling green eyeshadow on the eyelids. To complete it, choose a bright red lipstick with a glossy effect. This make up look is perfect for those of you who want to stand out at a party. Glamour!

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