These are Makeup History Facts

These are Makeup History Facts

These are Makeup History Facts – As we all know that makeup has become a very important thing to do especially for women. But behind everything we do, makeup has its own history. Well, it turns out that make-up has been around for thousands of years. Curious about the history of make-up? We summarize briefly the history of make-up from various sources.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is known to be the earliest time for women to use make-up. You can look at Queen Cleopatra as an example. Make up is used mostly only for women, and women like to beautify themselves.

Greek period

Make-up also began to be used by upper-class Greek women, indicating social status. But not many colors are used. Greek women’s make up is more natural, using a thin powder, and polishing the lips with natural ingredients such as fruits. For eyebrows, they use charcoal or coal, and often connect between the right and left.


Medieval women’s make up is famous for the trend of flawless white skin without spots. Even this trend is still felt today. They define beauty with a pale white skin tone, even for the eyebrows and eyelids. Any color that is polished to the face, must be invisible or make the face whiter.

Venetian period

Venice knows dramatic facial make-up, pale white and minor. Many accessories are used, even hairdos also show the social status and class of women because make-up at that time was very expensive. Unfortunately, this thick make-up often uses harmful ingredients and damages the face.

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French make-up

French women who are mostly blonde and fair-skinned want to color their pale face with a pink or reddish blush that is clearly visible. Make up also shows a person’s status and wealth, supported by the use of jewelry and luxurious clothing.

Victorian period

Victoria’s make up is more towards a clean, smooth and natural face. This shows modesty, whereas heavy make-up is considered a cheap woman. To give a natural color to the face, they often pinch the cheeks to give a blush on the cheeks.

Black Make-up Time

This makeup trend like a vampire with black eyes and dark red lips is quite popular with artists, models and top women of the 60s.

Modern Make-up

Modern make-up has entered a period of make-up that has changed a lot until now. With red lipstick, eye liner, mascara and so on. This is a time of freedom for women to choose which makeup they like.…

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